Alamgir Mosque Varanasi History

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The Alamgir Mosque Varanasi conjointly referred to as Beni Madhav Hindu deity Darera and Aurangzeb’s masjid, maybe a masjid in-built the seventeenth century by emperor Aurangzeb within the Indian state of the province.

The masjid is found at a distinguished website on top of the Panchganga stairway. The stairway has broad steps that go right down to the Ganges.


Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Hindu temple, engineered by Beni Madhur Rao Scindia, an Indian chieftain, was razed once the emperor Aurangzeb had captured Banaras and dismantled the temple. Aurangzeb then engineered a masjid over the ruins of the temple in 1669 and named it as Alamagir masjid within the name of his own honorific title “Alamgir”, that he had adopted when changing into the emperor of the Mughal empire. Non-Muslims don’t seem to be allowed to enter the masjid.


Aurangzeb masjid or Alamgir masjid
The masjid is architecturally a mix of Muslim and Hindu design. The masjid has high domes and minarets. 2 of its towers were damaged; one minaret folded killing a couple of individuals and also the alternative was formally brought down thanks to stability considerations. The Panchaganga stairway wherever the masjid is settled is wherever 5 streams area unit aforesaid to hitch. In October lamps area unit lighted on high of a bamboo employees as a mark of steering to the ancestors.


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