Fee and Payments

Notwithstanding the expense of booking as charged by the Service Providers, TripCosmos claims all authority to charge certain charges in the idea of accommodation charges or administration expenses. TripCosmos further claims all authority to modify any charges now and again. Any such extra expenses, including charge towards any alterations thereof, will be shown to the User before affirming the booking or gathering the installment from such User.

In instances of short charging of the booking sum, charges, legal expense, accommodation expense and so forth., attributable to any specialized blunder or other explanation, TripCosmos will maintain whatever authority is needed to deduct, charge or case the parity sum from the User and the User will pay such adjust sum to TripCosmos. In situations where the short charge is asserted preceding the usage of the booking, TripCosmos will be at the freedom to drop such appointments if the sum isn’t paid before the use date.

Any expansion in the cost charged by TripCosmos because of progress in the pace of assessments or the burden of new expenses, demands by the Government will be borne by the User. Such burden of duties, tolls might be without earlier notification and could likewise be review however will consistently be according to appropriate law.

In the uncommon situation of a booking not getting affirmed under any conditions, TripCosmos will handle the discount of the booking sum paid by the User and personal the User about the equivalent. TripCosmos isn’t under any commitment to give a substitute booking in lieu of or to redress or supplant the unverified booking. All ensuing appointments will be treated as new exchanges. Any material discount will be prepared according to the characterized approaches of the specialist organization and TripCosmos all things considered.

The User will be totally answerable for all charges, expenses, obligations, duties, and appraisals emerging out of the utilization of the administration, according to the relevant laws

The User concurs and comprehends that all installments will just be made to ledgers of TripCosmos. TripCosmos or its operators, delegates, or workers will never request that a client move cash to any private record or to a record not held for the sake of TripCosmos. The User concurs that if that client moves any sum against any reserving or exchange to any financial balance that isn’t authentically held by TripCosmos or to any close to the home record of any individual, TripCosmos will not be held subject for the equivalent. The client will not hold an option to recoup from TripCosmos any sum which is moved by the User to any outsider.

The User won’t share his own touchy data like credit/charge card number, CVV, OTP, card expiry date, client IDs, passwords, and so on with any individual including the operators, workers, or delegates of TripCosmos. The User will quickly illuminate TripCosmos if such subtleties are requested by any of its operators’ workers or agents. TripCosmos will not be obligated for any misfortune that the User causes for sharing the previously mentioned subtleties.

Discounts, assuming any, on dropped appointments will consistently be prepared to the individual record or the financial instrument (charge card, wallet and so forth.) from which installment was made for that booking.

Booking(s) made by the User through TripCosmos are dependent upon the relevant wiping out strategy as set out on the booking page or as imparted to the clients recorded as a hard copy.

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