Durga temple

Durga temple, conjointly referred to as the Monkey temple (because of the presence of giant range of monkeys), is found adjacent to Durga Kund. The temple is devoted to the god Durga and was in-built the eighteenth century. The temple was created by a Bengali princess within the north Indian vogue with multi-tiered shikhara. a horny lake referred to as the Durga Kund is made on the proper aspect of the temple that was earlier connected to watercourse Ganga. The sculpture of god Durga isn’t human made; it’s believed to possess appeared on its own within the temple. throughout the days of Navratri, an oversized range of Hindu devotees visit this temple. This temple is built in sq. form with the red color stone representing the color of god Durga. The temple lies within the south of town, off from the Ghats. The approach is simple flanked by flower and puja equipment vendors. The energy of the temple is palpable. it’s thought of that god Durga continuously protects the Varanasi from issues.


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