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Man Mahal steps was in-built 1600 by prince Man Singh of Amer together with a palace familiar for the glorious building with exquisite ornate window carvings associated conjointly for an observatory on the roof.

The observatory at Man Mahal steps was designed by Savai Jai Singh II in 1710. It displays Brobdingnagian instruments made of stone, once wont to study the movement of sun, moon, star and alternative planetary bodies. Jantar Mantar is that the highlight of the observatory that is analogous to the Jantar Mantar placed in Old Delhi, Jaipur, Ujjain and Mathura. there’s a fine stone balcony within the northern a part of the steps.

Devotees pay deference here to the symbol of Someswar, the Lord of the Moon. Dom Raja’s home is round the corner, with painted tigers flanking the terrace. Dom’s services ar valuable for the dead to be discharged from their physical bounds then the leader of the Doms is given with the honorific title of Raja or King.

Man Mahal steps are found on the brink of Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple and really on the brink of Dashashwamedha steps at the bank of watercourse Ganga. you’ll reach Man Mahal steps through Godowlia. Godowlia is often reached by automotive, motor vehicle cart etc. Since no vehicles are allowed on the far side Godowlia thus you would like to require up a five-minute walk to succeed in Man Mahal steps.


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