The ever burning Ghats : Manikarnika Ghat

Manikarnika and Harishchandra Ghats ar wherever you’ll witness the ritual of incineration from a respectful distance, giving lifespan expertise. Harishchandra steps may be an incineration step, named when the legendary king Harishchandra WHO is claimed to possess lost everything in need for renunciation, a king WHO unbroken honesty on top of everything and was reduced to figure as a Dom or scavenger at the incineration ground. folks during this a part of the town believe that this can be the oldest incineration ground in Varanasi, surpassing even Manikarnika steps in its, sanctity. A slim Gali from the chowk leads you to Manikarnika, the foremost vital incineration steps of Varanasi. many mourners and skilled pall-bearers go on the alley carrying dead bodies. Guides at Manikarnika steps can show you the Chakrakund, a holy pool, wherever Lord Shiva and god Hindu deity ar aforesaid to possess bathe along. Here, one can even explore the Shamshaneshwar and Kaaleshwar Mahadev Temples, and therefore the eternal hearth that has been burning here for over 3000 years. Till today, these steps remains ringed in smoke.


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