What are Top 10 most slave countries Per Capita? Modern slavery is the most heinous reality on the planet. We’ve put up a list of the ten nations with the most slaves per capita. This ranking is based on the facts and data found in Walk Free’s Global Slavery Index. According to the Global Slavery Index, an estimated 46 million people are enslaved today. Only five nations account for 58 per cent of slaves.

India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Uzbekistan. With 18.40 million slaves, India has the most, followed by China with 3.4 million and Pakistan with 2.1 million. Take a look at the top 10 nations where slavery is the most common. Now let’s see 10 Countries With the Most Slaves Per Capita.

List the Top 10 most slave countries Per Capita:

10. Mauritania

mosque Nouakchott Mauritania
Top 10 most slave countries Per Capita 5

Mauritania, a West African country, has the highest rate of contemporary slavery. Slavery is estimated to affect more than 20% of the country’s population. In Mauritania, the most frequent kind of slavery is chattel slavery (slavery status is carried down through generations).

9. Haiti

haiti country
Top 10 most slave countries Per Capita 6

The slavery of children is a major issue in Haiti, a Caribbean country. High poverty, a lack of access to social services, and a child labour system known as “restavek,” in which destitute children from rural regions are assigned to work with families in cities, have pushed the nation to ninth position among the top countries with the most slaves.

8. Moldova

Moldova is primarily a supply nation for contemporary slavery, with an estimated 33,000 slaves. Moldovan immigrants are enslaved in Ukraine, Russia, the United States, Germany, Belarus, and other adjacent nations. Moldovans have been trafficked for organ harvesting.

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7. Nigeria

Nigeria is ranked seventh among the top ten nations with the most slaves. In Nigeria, over 0.88 million individuals are now enslaved. People of all ages are enslaved in contemporary slavery in different ways. Domestic slavery, sex work, and other physical labour are the most common forms of trafficking for young girls and boys. Forced marriages, child marriages, and compelled labour are all too widespread, and some young women are even forced to work in restaurants or market stalls. Young girls are also duped, as they are hired as nannies in Western nations but end up as sex slaves in countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy, and Belgium.

6. Russia

russia poorest city
Top 10 most slave countries Per Capita 7

In Russia, more than a million people are enslaved today. Many individuals work in forced labour circumstances in the construction, agricultural, textiles, and lumber industries, according to the Global Slavery Index. Sexual exploitation of women and children is rampant. In Russia, human trafficking is also a reality. In addition, females from nearby countries such as Moldova, Ukraine, and Belarus are trafficked as sex slaves in Russian brothels.

Human trafficking enters and exits the nation via Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, China, South Korea, and Japan. Many people are compelled to work as slaves or as commercial sex workers in this country.

5. Uzbekistan

Modern slavery is generally defined as forced labour in the Central Asian republic of Uzbekistan. According to the Global Slavery Index, 1.20 million individuals are held captive by modern-day slavery. The majority of this slavery occurs in the cotton-growing agricultural sector, where state-sanctioned forced labour is used. Farmers will be obliged to plant cotton and harvest it every fall for the profit of the state.

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4. Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, contemporary slavery is predominantly defined as child labour, according to the Global Slavery Index. Almost 1.50 million Bangladeshis are enslaved in the current era. According to UNICEF, hundreds of thousands of Bangli children aged 5 to 17 are engaged in child labour. They labour in sectors such as fishing, textiles, agriculture, mining, recycling, brick kilns, and rubbish collection, among others.

3. Pakistan

Modern slavery is usually defined as bonded labour or debt servitude inside the nation. According to the Global Slavery Index, Pakistan has about 2.10 million people enslaved. The provinces of Punjab and Sindh are hotbeds for debt slavery and bonded labour. Many Pakistanis go to Gulf nations, Iran, Turkey, South Africa, and other countries in search of employment, where they are exploited by unscrupulous labour agencies who refuse to pay salaries and withhold passports.

2. China

According to the Walk Free Foundation’s 2017 Global Slavery Index, China has 3.40 million slaves. In China, rapid modernisation is seen as the primary cause of contemporary slavery. Construction, heavy industries, mining, and housework are all places where slaves labour.

According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, 166 million domestic migrants (including many women and children) left their homes to seek employment elsewhere in the country. Forced labour, sexual exploitation, and forced marriages are all examples. In addition, China has a high rate of sexual slavery. As a result of human trafficking, young Cambodian and Vietnamese women are sold as brides in Chinese weddings.

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1. India

india poor city
Top 10 most slave countries Per Capita 8

India has the largest number of slaves per capita in the world. Slavery in almost every form, from intergenerational bonded labour to sex trafficking, forced marriage, and child labour, is practised there. India is home to about half of the world’s slave population, with an estimated 18.40 million slaves. India is known as the world’s modern-day slave capital, and it also has the greatest rate of rape offences.

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