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Kanak Bhawan is a beautiful holy place located in the divine city of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh, India. The holy place is committed to Lord Rama as well as his consort, Sita. It is thought that the temple was created by the Queen of Ayodhya, Kaushalya, the mommy of Lord Rama, as a gift to Sita after her marriage to Rama. The temple is likewise called Sone-ka-Ghar, which implies the house of gold, as it is claimed to be decorated with gold.

The temple has a stunning style with detailed makings and beautiful paintings. The primary entry of the temple is decorated with a gorgeous arch, which brings about a huge courtyard. The yard has a stunning yard with trees as well as blossoms. There are two gorgeous temples in the temple, one devoted to Lord Rama and also the other to Sita. The idols of Lord Rama and also Sita are made from black rock and are magnificently sculpted.

Among the piece de resistances of the temple are the beautiful paintings on the wall surfaces, portraying the story of Ramayana. The paints are done in brilliant shades and are very detailed. The holy place likewise has a stunning bell, which is called during the aarti and also other events.

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The temple has an abundant background as well as is considered to be one of the most sacred places in Ayodhya. It is believed that the temple was built in the 19th century by the Queen of Ayodhya, Kaushalya. The holy place was restored in the 20th century by the royal family members of Ayodhya.

Kanak Bhawan is a prominent vacation destination and draws in a lot of enthusiasts and also travellers throughout the year. The holy place is open to site visitors from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm every day. The most effective time to see the holy place is throughout the event of Diwali, which is celebrated with great excitement in Ayodhya.

Finally, Kanak Bhawan is a lovely temple in Ayodhya, which is rich in background and also culture. The temple is a must-visit for anybody checking out Ayodhya as well as is an excellent location to experience the spiritual and also social heritage of India.


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