Batuk Bhairav Mandir History and Origin of the Incarnation of Lord Shiva

Batuk Bhairav Mandir History and Origin of the Incarnation of Lord Shiva

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Batuk Bhairav Mandir also called as Laat Bhairav Temple believed to be Associate in the Nursing incarnation of Lord Shiva. Several miracles and stories area unit related to this temple in Varanasi that is centuries previous. there are no changes in this temple because it has been for years This temple maybe a nice attraction for the Buddhism community and Aghoris.

Lord Bhairav and his origin

Lord Bhairav is a fierce incarnation of Lord Shiva. The Bal Rup(cradle)of Lord Kala Bhairava is understood as Batuk Bhairav. Vigyan Bhairav or Bhairav Tantra text defines Bhairav as Bhaya sarvan ravayati sarvado -vyapako khileIti bhairavo shbdasya santatocharacchivah. The origin of Bhairava is often traced to the conversation between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu recounted in “Shiv Maha-Puran” where Lord Vishnu asks Lord Brahma who is that the supreme creator of the Universe. Arrogantly, Brahma tells Vishnu to worship him because he (Brahma) is that the supreme creator. This angered Shiva who then incarnated within the sort of Bhairava to punish Brahma.

Bhairava beheaded one among Brahma’s five heads and since then Brahma has only four heads. When depicted as Kala Bhairava, Bhairava is shown carrying the decapitated head of Brahma. isolating Brahma’s fifth head made him guilty of the crime of killing, and as a result, he was forced to hold round the head for years and roam as Bhikshatana, a mendicant, until he had been absolved of the sin.

In the sort of the frightful Bhairava, Shiva is claimed to be guarding each of those Shaktipeeths. Each Shaktipeeth temple is amid a temple dedicated to Bhairava.

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Worship and rituals for lord Bhairava

His temples or shrines are present within or near most Jyotirlinga temples, the sacred twelve shrines dedicated to Shiva across India, including Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi and therefore the Mahakaleshwar Temple at Ujjain, where at the Kal Bhairav Temple, he’s worshipped by the Kapalika and Aghori sects of Shaivism, here one also can find the Patal Bhairav and Vikrant Bahirav shrines.

Kaal Bhairava temples also can be found around Shakti Peethas, because it is claimed Shiva allocated the work of guarding each of 52 Shakti Peethas to at least one Bhairava. intrinsically it’s said there are 52 sorts of Bhairava, which are actually considered as a manifestation of Shiva himself.

Traditionally Kal Bhairav is that the Grama devata within the rural villages of [Karnataka], Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, where he’s mentioned as “Bhaivara/Annadhani” Vairavar.In Karnataka, Lord Bhairava is that the supreme god for vokkaliga community commonly referred to as “Gowdas”, especially for Gangadikaar Gowda caste he’s considered because of the caretaker and puni

Different Forms of Lord Bhairav

The eight sorts of Bhairavs were created who were positioned at various places in Kashi. These Bhairavs protect the devotees from all kinds of evils and provides devotee’s happiness and prosperity in their lives.

Krodhan Bhairav is understood as Aadi Bhairav and is found at Batuk Bhairav temple at B.31/126, Kamachha, Varanasi. Devotees can reach this place in rickshaw from anywhere in Kashi as Kamachha and Batuk Bhairav are famous places. Some people say that Krodhan Bhairav is that the small Bhairav located adjacent to Kamakhya Devi within the temple nearby.

Kapal Bhairav (Laat Bhairav) is found at A.1/123, Alaipur. This falls almost on the outskirts of Varanasi towards the North-Eastern side. Devotees can travel during a rickshaw/auto to succeed in this place. From Ashapur Chowmani, the road to the left goes to Sarnath. Devotees should take the road to the proper and travel about 2 km. to succeed in Laat Bhairav.

The place of worship is open from 06.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and from 06.00 p.m. to 09.00 p.m. The timings are extremely flexible. Devotees can worship this deity as per their convenience.

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Asitang Bhairav is found at K.52/39, Maha Mrityunjay temple near Vriddh Kaleshwar. Devotees can reach this place by rickshaw by travelling through Bisheshwarganj G.P.O. Mrityunjay temple is sort of famous.

The place of worship is open throughout the day. Devotees can worship this deity as per their convenience.

Chand Bhairav is found within the temple premises of Durga Devi at B.27/2, Durga Kund. this is often a famous locality and devotees can reach this place by rickshaw or auto or car.

Ruru Bhairav, also called as Anand Bhairav by locals, is found at B.4/16, Hanuman Ghat, Varanasi. Devotees can travel up to this place during a rickshaw. Hanuman Ghat is near Harishchandra Ghat, one among the cremation grounds and maybe a famous place. Devotees will need to get down at Hanuman Ghat highway and walk towards the Hanuman Temple which is found near Ruru Bhairav.

Types of Bhairava

Kshethra Pala Bhairava (Guard of Earth Bhairava)

Raktha jwalaa Jada dharam, sasi dharan, Rakthanga thejo mayam, Dakka Shoola kapala pasa gadha dharam Bhairavam, Nirvanam Gathavahanam Trinayanamcha Ananda kolahalam, Vande bhootha pisacha natha vadukam Kshethrasya palam Shubham. 1

I salute the leader of ghosts and Ghouls, Lord Bhairava, Who wears the red flame as his matted hair, Who wears the moon, who shines in red colour, Who holds a drum, spear, skull, rope and mace in his hands, Who is nude, who rides on a dog, who has three eyes, Who is usually happy and exuberant and is that the guard of the temple.

Asithanga Bhairava (Dark Bodied Bhairava)

Trinethram, varadam shantham, munda mala bhooshitham, Swetha varnam, krupa murthim, Bhairavam Kundalojjwalam, Gada kapala samyuktham, kumarsya digambaram, Banam pathrancha sankham cha Aksha maalaam kundalam, Naga Yagnopaveetham cha dharinam suvibhooshitham, Brahmani shakthi sahitham, hamsaroodam suroopinam, SArvabheeshta dharam nithyam asithangam Bhajamyaham.

I pray the dark Bhairava who fulfils all desires, Who is forever, who has three eyes, who blesses and is peaceful, Who wears a skull garland, who is white, who is that the Lord of mercy, Who shines in his ear globes, who holds a mace and therefore the skull, Who is young and nude, who holds an arrow, vessel, conch, bead chain and ear globes, Who wears snake as sacred thread, who is well ornamented, Who is with Goddess Brahmani, rides on a swan and is sweet to seem at.

Krodha Bhairava (Angry Bhairava)

Trinethram, varadam, santham, kumarancha digambaram, Gadam shankam cha Chakrancha pada pathrancha dharinam, Lakshmyacha sahitham vame garudasana susthitham, Neela varnam maha devam Vande Sri Kroda Bhairavam. 3

I salute the angry Bhairava, who is blue and an excellent God, Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude, Who is armed with mace, conch, wheel, rope and a vessel, Who is near Goddess Lakshmi riding on Garuda the eagle.

Unmatha Bhairava (Frantic Bhairava)

Trinethram, varadam, santham, kumarancha digambaram, Hema Varnam, maha devam, hastha vahana susthitham, Gadgam, kapalam, musalam, dathantham, kedagam thadha, Varahi shakthi sahitham Vande Unmatha Bhairavam. 4

I salute that Frantic Bhairava who is power called Varahi, Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude, Who is of golden colour, great God and rides on a swan, And who holds sword, skull, Pestle and also the shield.

Ruru Bhairava (Teacher Bhairava)

Trinethram, varadam, santham, kumarancha digambaram, Dangam krisna mrugam pathram bibranam chakru panakam, Maheswaryayudham devam vrusharoodam smitha vahanam, Shudha sphatikam sankaram, namami Ruru Bhairavam. 5

I salute the Bhairava with the deer, who is like pure crystal and a destroyer, Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude, Who holds a hatchet, deer, drinking goblet and a sword in his hands, Who has the armed Maheswari by his side and who is smiling and rides on a bull.

Kapala Bhairava (Skull Bhairava)

Trinethram, varadam, santham, kumarancha digambaram, Pasam, Vajram, thadha Gadgam pana pathranch dharinam, Indrani shakthi sahitham Gaja vahana susthitham, Kapala Bhairavam Vande padma ragha prabham Shubham. 6

I salute the Bhairava of the skull, who features a shining body, Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude, Who holds rope, Vajrayudha, Sword and Drinking Goblet, Who has with him Indrani Shakthi, is being well praised and rides on an elephant.

Chanda Bhairava (Fierce Bhairava)

Trinethram, varadam, santham, kumarancha digambaram, Dhanur banancha bhibranam, Gadgam Pathram Thadaiva cha, Koumari shakthi sahitham, Shikihi vahana sthitham, Gowri varnayudham Devam Vande Sri Chanda Bhairavam. 7

I salute the Chanda Bhairava who is pure white in colour, Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude, Who holds rope, Vajrayudha, Sword and Drinking Goblet, Who has with him Kaumari Shakthi and rides on a peacock.

Bheeshana Bhairava (Terriffic Bhairava)

Trinethram, varadam, santham, kumarancha digambaram, Gadgam soolam Kapalancha darinam musalam thadha, Chamunda shakthi sahitham pretha vahana susthitham, Raktha varnam maha devam Vabde Bheeshana Bhairavam. 8

I salute the Terriffic Bhairava who may be a great God of blood red colour, Who has three eyes, blesses, peaceful, young and nude, Who holds sword, trident, skull and pestle in his hand, Who has with him Chamunda Shakthi and rides on a corpse.

Samhara Bhairavam

Dasa bhahum trinethram cha sarpa yagnopaveethinm, Damishtra karala vadanam ashtaiswarya pradhayakam, Digambaram kumarancha simha vahana samsthitham, Soolam damarugam shankam, gadam chakrancha darinam, Gadgam pathram cha Gadwangam pasa mangusa meva cha, Ugra roopam madonmathamam bada vaalai, Chandika shakthi sahitham dyayeth samhara Bhairavam.

I meditate on Bhairava the destroyer, who is with Chandika Shakthi, Who has ten hands, three eyes and snake as sacred thread, Who has protruding teeth, fearful look and grants eight sort of wealth, Who is nude, a youth and rides on a lion, Who holds trident, drum, conch, mace and wheel in his hands, Who holds sword, vessel, Gadwangam, rope and goad. And who has fearful looks, wears skull garland and greatly exuberant.

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