Planning holidays, consider the list of the cheapest country in Europe for holidays. These are Looking for cheap European holiday destinations on vacation? Here are some unique destinations in Europe that are up-and-coming for his or her simple access, a recreation that doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets, and scenic beauty that promises to try to wonders for your soul.

Choosing a less expensive destination can prevent anywhere between $25-$50 each day on accommodations, drinks, and food. once I begin to seem for my next destination, I search for beautiful landscapes and architecture to explore on my (rather small) budget.

If this list of the most cost-effective countries in Europe isn’t on your radar now, then read further – your checking account will many thanks. Offering beautiful views of mountains, coastlines, and lakes, these destinations are one of a sort and won’t break your budget.


Hungary is one of the cheapest holiday destinations in Europe. This European country is taken into account as one of the most cost-effective countries in Europe year after year. Although most travellers flock to Budapest for the thermal baths, grandiose cathedrals, and thriving nightlife, they often skip Hungary’s other cool towns and villages. The neighbouring cities of Pecs, Miskolc, and Eger also are worth visiting.

For cheap flight deals to Hungary, inspect Wizz Air, a low-cost airline based out of Budapest. Wizz Air flies to over 60 destinations, so you’ll easily get to Hungary regardless of where you’re in Europe.

And to top it off, Hungary has a number of the most cost-effective dining options in Europe. you’ll eat sort of a King for just a couple of Euros (and yes, that’s including a bottle of local beer).

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Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries in the world, At the Bulgarian resort, where prices have dropped 10.7% within the past year, holidaymakers could find a two-course lunch for 2 people for £8.42, pay just £1.17 for a glass of wine during a bar and £2.34 for a premium brand bottle of suncream. “The price falls might be a sign that tourist businesses in European resorts are keen to draw in UK visitors and can keep costs low to try to do so,” said its head, Nick Boden.

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Tallinn, Estonia

Unlike many European cities, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and yes is one of the cheapest countries in Europe also, has yet to become a tourist-packed mob scene during the nice and cosy summer months. But there’s every reason to believe this may change in the future, as this charming city is well worth a visit. Tallinn sports a shocking juxtaposition of the old and new, with medieval Gothic set next to an urban neighbourhood.

Tallinn may be something out of a dream with its pristine coastline, the ‘edge walk’ on its 175-meter TV Tower, and its streets bursting with new-age culture. Sample your way through the colourful food scene – there also are many options for vegans and vegetarians!


Romania is a cheap destination if you roaming Europe If you would like to go to one of the most cost-effective cities in Europe, look no further than Bucharest. Romania’s capital city may be a must-see for any traveller on a budget.

Staying within the city is extremely affordable, with shared hostel rooms starting at just a couple of bucks each day. But if you’re looking to splurge, you’ll also book the simplest room at a luxury 5-star hotel without breaking the bank.

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Italy is one of the most visited and one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe in 2022. This country is facing a corona issue during the year 2022, so it is not safe to go there at the moment, but it is Europe’s most romantic, cheapest best place in Europe for sightseeing and vacation. From the rolling hills of Tuscany’s traditional monuments to Rome, Italy is one of the cheapest countries in Europe for holidays, making it easy to find out why Italy is one of Europe’s top destinations for travellers.

Unfortunately, this suggests that hotels and restaurants are often extremely expensive during peak season. Despite these high costs, Italy remains one of the most cost-effective places to fly into Europe.

If you would like to visit Italy on a budget, your best bet is flying to Milan. Milan has not one, but three international airports. And, it’s easy to seek out a low-cost budget flight that flies into one among them. Once you’ve landed, getting around Italy is additionally easy and affordable. Most cities and villages are connected by Italy’s rail system. If you book early enough, you’ll snag great deals on domestic train tickets.

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If you’re trying to find pristine beaches, delicious street food, and an endless supply of wine, then confirm to feature Portugal in your travel itinerary. It’s surprisingly one of the most cost-effective countries in Western Europe.

Portugal’s national airline, TAP Air Portugal, has a number of the simplest airfare deals around. Their prices are often less than other European budget airlines, making it easy and affordable to fly into the country.

Even Lisbon and Porto, Portugal’s largest cities, are cheap to go to. Hotels and hostels are competitively priced year-round, so you’ll economize even during the busy summer months.

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Berlin, Germany

Berlin Germany
11 Cheapest Country In Europe For Holiday 2022 18

Home to the famed Berlin Wall (remains of which may still be observed), the capital city of Germany has emerged together of the foremost popular tourist spots altogether in Europe. Where on one hand, a thriving nightlife and a progressive art scene are what bring Berlin to life, on the opposite, historical landmarks just as the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate keep the flame of this city’s turbulent history alive as a revered memory in people’s minds.

Indians will haven’t any trouble in the least when it involves food as Berlin is taken into account a vegan haven, perfect for vegetarians. Also, flights via Munich or Zurich will get you there with no trouble.


Spain (Also one of the cheapest countries in Europe for holiday) has something for each sort of traveller, from breathtaking architecture to mouth-watering cuisine. And better of all, Spain is often extremely cheap.

If a beach holiday is up to your alley, then consider spending time in Mallorca or the Canary Islands. Even during peak season, you’ll always find affordable flight deals from Europe.

And who says dining in Spain has got to be expensive? In some regions around Spain, bars distribute small snacks, or tapas, free of charge once you order a drink. And we’re talking generous portions of croquetas, fried potatoes, and even paella!


With glistening waters, sandy beaches, and cascading waterfalls, Croatia may be a traveller’s dream. While you’ll easily spend many dollars travelling through this Adriatic country, it’s possible to try to Croatia on a budget.

Although Dubrovnik is worth a visit, crowds of tourists tend to approach the costs of hotels and restaurants. Your money will go tons further if you spend time in cities like Zagreb or Split. And if you select to go to Croatia during the offseason, you’ll still enjoy the islands and coastlines without the high costs related to them.

As you’ll see, there are numerous places to ascertain in Europe that are wallet-friendly. Now that you simply know it’s possible to explore Europe on a budget, you’ll need to face the foremost challenging task: Deciding where to go!

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In Ukraine, venture to Lviv – a stunning historic city within the West. From there, you’ll venture bent the smaller towns and villages next to the Carpathians. The atmosphere there’s impossible to explain.

There, you’ve got the prospect to be closer to the natural environment around you and luxuriate in the variability of views available to you. The locals there are extremely welcoming so don’t be afraid to invite restaurant and accommodation advice.

Safety Tips: Tourists and travellers are asked to require extra precautions when visiting Ukraine because it is marked as an unsafe travel destination since June 2016. Plan your route safely!