Varanasi Tourist guide: Top things to know before visit

Varanasi Tourist guide: Top things to know before visit

A must-read travel guide, if you are planning to visit the oldest city of Hindu religion. Varanasi is the non-secular capital of the country, it’s one among the oldest colonised cities within the world. This town is the picture of pilgrim’s journey spot within the country for Hindus and Buddhists. The place is crammed with ancient and trendy temples, ghats, ritual spots and far additional. area unit you coming up with a visit to Varanasi?

Here is everything that you simply have to be compelled to recognize regarding Varanasi.
Where is Varanasi Located?
Varanasi airfield

Varanasi is found within the northern a part of the Asian nation. the town has a global airfield, Lal Bahadur Shastri airfield that’s twenty-five kilometre far from the middle of town. it’s connected to restricted international locations like Krung Thep, capital of Sri Lanka et al. The airfield receives flights from most major Indian destinations. Regular flights area unit accessible from Old Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Bengaluru et al.

From the airfield, you’ll rent taxis to require you to town, that prices around the Bureau of Intelligence and Research 750. The taxi ride can take around an associate hour to achieve the most town of Varanasi (Ganges region). car rickshaws are accessible at the value of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research five hundred or on top of to achieve town. it’d take double the time of a taxi ride. the value and time taken vary with season and repair supplier.

There is a bus stand very little concerning the airfield. it’d take ten minutes to steer to the bus stand from the airfield. The price tag value to achieve town on a bus is around the Bureau of Intelligence and Research fifty.

Trains connect Varanasi with several major cities. It takes thirteen hours to achieve from Old Delhi, seven hours from Lucknow then on. There area unit 3 main railway stations within the town. you’ll realize tuk-tuk or ricksha from the terminus to the desired destinations. it’d value Bureau of Intelligence and Research a hundred to achieve the Ganga region of Varanasi from Varanasi Junction and Manduadih terminus in a ricksha. From Mughal Sarai Junction, it’d value Bureau of Intelligence and Research five hundred to achieve the river region in the tuk-tuk. high cities to rent train to achieve Varanasi area unit New Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur and metropolis. The Varanasi bus stand is found close to the Varanasi Junction. you’ll additionally realize buses from Kathmandu to Varanasi. it’d value NPR 2100.

Varanasi Travel Guide

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Scaling the place of Varanasi
Once within a town, the streets area unit very little slim and it’s easier to scale the place with {cycle ricksha|pedicab|tricycle|trike|velocipede} or car rickshaw than automotive. Some streets area unit is terribly slim that walking or athletics is that the sole possibility. it’d be easier to go to ghats on foot. several tour operators offer a walking tour to go to several thronged places like herb market, flower market et al.

Ganga Aarti in Varanasi

Ganga Aarti (Aarthi) is that the picture attraction of the town. Ganga aarti attracts thousands of tourists, photographers and pilgrims a day to the Dashashwamedh stairway of the river. This ceremony takes place each evening throughout sunset. a gaggle of young pandits (saints World Health Organization area unit trained to perform rituals) wearing saffron perform a series of synced rituals that embody circling brass lamps, providing flowers, circling incense sticks et al.

By the top of the ritual, the pandits pour milk and flower into the stream. Instantly, all the devotees jilting off little kerosene lamp on a leaf on the water. Thousands of lamps float on the water creating it a mesmeric sight. individuals even rent boats to look at the ceremony from the water.

Guiding Travellers: Ganga Aarti of Varanasi
Top Ghats to go to in Varanasi

There area unit eighty-eight ghats around the Ganga stream. These ghats were engineered by kings World Health Organization wished to worship and meditate close to the water. every stairway includes a speciality related to it. The ghats additionally contain temples. These ghats area unit the proper place to get pleasure from rituals, aarti et al. high ghats to go to in Varanasi area unit –

Dashashwamedh stairway – seafaring, Ganga Aarti ceremony et al
Manikarnika stairway – incineration stairway.
Panchganga stairway – Meeting purpose of 5 Rivers.
Kedar stairway – attractive Spot.
Hanuman stairway – Temples.
Scindia stairway – Submerged Temple, Boating.
Assi stairway – known for Shivalingam underneath a tree.
Manmandir stairway – Temples like Someshwara temple, Rameshwaram temple et al.
Shivala stairway – Temples.
Darbhanga stairway – Rituals.
Ahilyabai stairway – seafaring and Rituals.
Top Temples to go to in Varanasi
temples in Varanasi

Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple

this can be the oldest temple within the town. It receives over a thousand devotees a day. the highest options of the temple area unit its field of study marvels, attention-grabbing rituals and looking around the temple.
Annapurna Temple – on the brink of the Vishwanath temple, it’s an associate eighteenth-century temple for the concert of Lord Shiva. this can be the temple of the divinity of food and nourishment.
Sankat Mochan Temple – known Hanuman temple of twentieth you’ll realize several monkeys here.
Kaal Bhairav Temple – Guardian temple of the town. Tourists and locals need to visit this temple before going or getting into the city.
Tulsi Manas Temple – Temple of Lord Ram inbuilt twentieth known for inscription on the walls.
Bharat Mata Temple – Temple for the Mother Asian nation. The temple was inaugurated by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
Visalakshi Temple – A south Indian titled temple in Varanasi.
Tridev Temple – A temple dedicated to the 3 main powers of divinity; Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.
New Vishwanath Temple – The temple with the tallest temple tower within the country. it’s found within the field of Banaras Hindu University(BHU).
Nepali Temple – this can be a picket temple inbuilt temple vogue by the King of Asian nation in the nineteenth it’s a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
There area unit various alternative temples within the town like Sri Durga Devi Temple, Kardameshwara Mahadeva Temple, Durga Kund Mandir, Mrityunjay Mahadev Temple et al. each street is crammed with little and enormous temples. opt for the proper temple to witness attention-grabbing rituals.

Alamgir house of worship – it’s an associate previous house of worship known for its design. it’s known for Gyanvapi well within it.
Bharat Kala Bhavan depository – known for eleventh-century paintings, sculptures, miniature sculptures of Mughals, god statues et al.
Ramnagar Fort – 400-year-old fort of royals of Varanasi. pictures of royals, tigers et al will be seen. The room hall is currently a depository that holds antiques like palanquins, elephant houdah et al.
Chunargarh Fort – 2000 year previous fort.
Man Mandir – Observatory.
Tourist Spots close to Varanasi

1. Sarnath

Close to Varanasi, Sarnath may be a Buddhist pilgrim spot. it’s visited by individuals from everywhere on the planet. this can be the place wherever Lord Buddha preached for the primary time once enlightenment. the most attractions within the place area unit Dharmarjika stupa, deer park, Dhamekh Stupa, Bodhi tree, archaeologic depository et al. you’ll realize several Buddhist artefacts together with the Ashokan lion capital here.


This is a sacred place known for its temples, museums and churches. The Allahabad Fort is another attraction here.


This historic place is legendary for its link with Mahabharata. Pandavas engineered this place in step with legends. it’s a decent spot for a natural look, picnic et al.

Shopping in Varanasi

All temples have several little stalls around it. throughout festivals, the number of stalls increases many-folds. you’ll additionally realize several outlets close to the ghats. Even throughout seafaring, you’ll realize little boats with individuals mercantilism little things. high things to shop for in Varanasi area unit –

  • Benaras silk
  • Embroidery sarees
  • Persian carpets
  • Cashmere wool covering
  • Natural oils, perfumes et al
  • Water of river
  • Deity statues, brass oil lamps, candles and alternative spiritual things
  • Books on faith, town and history
  • Herbal tea
  • Ganges water is oversubscribed in little copper pots that area unit sealed to avoid outpouring. you’ll additionally realize boatmen mercantilism water in larger cans. once inquired, they state that they row to the centre of the stream to gather the pure water. it’s up to you to come to a decision whether or not or to not by the will of water.

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You cannot realize several non-vegetarian hotels here. Alcohol is additionally prohibited close to most of the temples. high dishes to undertake during this town area unit –

Banarasi duma bathroom – Spicy potato filled with spices and overdone in gravy.
Aloo chat – Street food created with potato.
Paan – With tobacco and while not tobacco.
Malaibalai – Milk sweet.
Lassi – Sweet curd with layers of malai.
Paan that you simply realize in Varanasi is prohibited in alternative elements of the country. Thus, don’t pack some for your friend’s reception. Some paans area unit created with simple natural ingredients and haven’t any tobacco content. kids will consume this paan too. The tobacco paan is strictly for those on top of the age of eighteen. the soft drug maybe a drink created with powdery marijuana, that is legal solely in Varanasi. it’s accessible inbound Shiva temples as a religious ceremony to devotees. The marijuana is mixed in lassi (sweetened curd) and served.

Apart from these, you’ll realize several international and native cuisines, primarily eater. you’ll realize several continental bakeries to undertake food here.

Explore the multi cooking Restaurants in Varanasi

Best time to go to Varanasi

Varanasi is at prime beauty throughout the year. the town has temples of virtually all deities of Hinduism and so, monthly, you’ll realize some festivals. throughout festivals, the town becomes additional stunning with rituals et al. Best time to go to town is from Oct to March.

The first reason is that the pleasing climate. the town should be scaled on foot and so, you’d be underneath the sky for many of the days. Summer starts in Apr and ends in the Gregorian calendar month. the new and wet climate will cause dehydration. The monsoon starts in August and ends by Gregorian calendar month. though the town receives moderate downfall, look becomes a bit exhausting with frequent showers. The winter starts in Oct. The climate are pleasant and downfall becomes scarce. The wetness is gentle too. Thus, winter is the best time to go to town. Winter ends by March.

The second reason is that the frequency of festivals of Varanasi. The winter is that the time of the many prime Hindu festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, Omaha Shivaratri, Chhat Pooja et al. Omaha Shivaratri that takes place in the Gregorian calendar month or March is that the best time to go to Varanasi. you’ll participate within the Indian music genre pageant that goes on for seventy-two hours. you’ll additionally realize several dance performances in Shiva temples that area unit organized to stay pilgrims awake throughout the night.

Top activities to get pleasure from in Varanasi
What to expect on your trip to Varanasi? the primary and foremost activity is a boat ride on the stream river, look, visiting temples, enjoying distinctive rituals, tasting foods that area unit served to Gods then on. alternative high activities to get pleasure from within the town area unit –

Sunrise and sunset seafaring.

Visiting alley for looking around the temple.
Take a holy dip in a stairway. does one recognize that every stairway includes a special power? Taking a holy bathtub inbound ghats offer health whereas others grant eternal salvation.
Yoga and meditation categories.
Ayurvedic massages.
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